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More Best of Utah: Arches National Park

Man, grad school is NO JOKE. UC Berkeley is especially no joke. I thought I would have a little bit more time in between papers and classes to record all our journeys from our best ever 2013 “Left Coast” National Parks Road Trip…but it was not meant to be. The travel journal will have to be finished in the summer of 2014. It’s Friday night and I should be doing homework right now, but f*** it.

Anyway. Back to the story.

Moab campsite

Joy and I woke up just about the same time that the sun started to rise above the rocks and peak into our tents. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this campsite is the BUSINESS. Oh my god it was beautiful. And we completely lucked out by getting the massive group campsite. We could have put on a horse show with the amount of camping real estate we had to ourselves. THANK YOU Bureau of Land Management!

Our next stop was the iconic Arches National Park. We tried to set out early to avoid the midday heat, but by the time we got to the visitor center and filled up our water containers, it was already about 8:30 AM or 9 AM. That was a little on the late side. This place gets baking HOT, so there’s warning signs everywhere about making sure to bring enough water and wearing a lot of sunscreen/protective clothing.

IMG_1707-167 I think that, by this time, we had been in Utah for about 6 days or so. That meant that for the past 6 days, we were constantly hot, sweaty, and pretty filthy. Since Arches doesn’t really involve long hikes or backpacking trips, we decided on doing a short, half day trip to the park to appreciate some arches…and then be on our way to find a shower (at least, that was on my itinerary).

Joy had been to Arches as a kid and had already seen the famous Delicate Arch, so we decided to drive to the farther ends of the park to Devil’s Garden do the shorter hikes for Landscape Arch and a some other arches. The hike was so short and mild (relatively speaking) that I actually just wore flip flops. I don’t recommend that, but yeah. After doing 10-15 mile days, hiking just a few miles in a family-friendly park is like walking to the store.

I wish we could have seen more of the park (I wanted to do the 4 mile RT hike to Delicate Arch, and some more adventurous scrambling around the Fiery Furnace area), but Joy’s blisters still hadn’t healed and we remained a bit exhausted from hiking around Utah for a week in the dry summer heat.
IMG_1712-168The first arch we hit up was Landscape Arch. I don’t know why they call it so, I think it looks more like a “Delicate” Arch. Or more like a “Land Bridge” Arch.


Rainbow Pony also had a chance to appreciate the loveliness of the Arch.


CHECK OUT some of the gorgeous photos from our hike (by hitting the To Be Continued link)…!

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Utah Travel Diaries: Rocks and More Rocks at Capitol Reef National Park

The next morning we decided to do a few short hikes around Capitol Reef. Joy’s foot blisters still hadn’t healed, and we remained a bit drained from our hike through Escalante’s slot canyons just the day before. I wanted to check out the park’s famous Waterpocket Fold (it looks bananas from the brochure!) but I think that you can only access it by backpacking – or using a heavy-duty 4WD vehicle. We kept shouting excitedly as we drove around the park in the Highlander:






From: http://jakeklim.blogspot.com/2010/06/under-suns-anvil.html

Capitol Reef’s Waterpocket Fold. From: http://jakeklim.blogspot.com/2010/06/under-suns-anvil.html

One of the main short hikes that many visitors tend to love is the hike through the “Grand Wash” – just be careful of flash floods. They say that you should always check the weather reports the day before to see if there are any storms on the horizon. Even an inch of rain a mile away can turn into a devastating flood through a narrow canyon.


The hike is basically a flat and sandy/pebbly trail about a few miles long (maybe less?) Joy and I pretty much just ran around the area taking pictures of the GINORMOUS rocks towering above us. They’re INSANE!!! (The photos can’t do justice to how massive and crazy big these rocks are). I kept an eye to the sky to watch for darkening clouds.


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