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Utah Road Trip Diaries: Camping, Kayaking, and A Lot of Great Stuff in Moab


After leaving Capitol Reef National Park, we stopped by a local restaurant at the intersection of two main highways that claimed to have some of the “best food” around. It was aiite (I guess their great personalities and effort make up for it). Outside on the patio, we ate our sandwiches and talked to two guys that were on a similar national parks road trip for the past few months. We were incredibly envious. They made it to the Grand Canyon too (my dad kept texting me fire updates and weather reports about Arizona, saying it was like 124 and 126 degrees out there, so we avoided that whole state in general). AND they actually saw bighorn sheep! One of the guys was like, “Yeah, he was a daddy sheep, looking at us all mean-like because he had a baby sheep behind him”. Sounded more like a protective bighorn mama sheep.

As we drove on we continued to see more signs saying “America’s Scenic Highways”. And goddamn, it was truethe land looked fucking AMAZING. Tall, brick-red and dark-colored rock formations surrounded the land around the road. It was almost unreal.

IMG_1581-155The only problem was that we had been going in the wrong direction for quite some time now (and we were almost out of gas, with no stations around for miles). We actually drove to the border of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (also near Natural Bridges) instead of going north towards Moab. We were so SAD to have to turn around (I’ve seen tons of photos of Glen Canyon in Backpacker magazine, and I have to say that it’s definitely a top priority on my next road trip. It looks stunning out there!)

It was so pretty, however, that we just had to get out of the car and take a shitload of photos…

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Backpacking (and Day Hiking) Diaries: Henry Coe State Park

Oh Henry Coe State Park. Very few people know about you, yet you are one of the biggest wilderness areas near the Bay Area.

On the way in: Evening hike on the Spring trail towards Manzanita Camp.

Henry Coe is a really…really huge park.  Apparently it takes about a few days get out to the actual “wilderness” area – called the Orestimba Wilderness, to be precise – from the start of the trailheads near the ranger station/parking lot. If you do choose to venture that far out, they say you should be prepared for a lot of bush-wacking because very few people actually make it all the way out there, and the trails are not maintained (especially these days with budget cuts threatening our ability to still have state parks in California). Definitely bring a map and a compass.

On the way out: Hiking towards the Poverty Flat Rd. / Manzanita Point Rd. junction.

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