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After Uyuni, I decided to travel up to the lovely city of Sucre since my plans to go to Argentina had fallen apart by then (there just wasn’t enough time to go. New rule: 1 country per month! At least 3 weeks…there’s just so much to do!).

I had heard a lot of good things about the “White City” – a traveler I met in Cochabamba said that it was one of his favorite cities in the world (I guess it depends on what you like though. While Sucre wasn’t my favorite city in the world, it was indeed very nice).



This trip also didn’t start out very well – due to the buses, yet again. I have no idea what happened, actually. All that I know is that I boarded an Emperador bus at Uyuni and took it for about four hours until its stop at the famous mining town of Potosi. The bus company originally told me that I would have to change buses in Potosi, but that didn’t quite happen. When I asked the bus driver where to go for my connecting bus to Sucre, he just handed me 20 bolivianos and told me to go upstairs. Somewhere. What?

So I went upstairs to find – something. I tried to go to the Emperador bus office, but it was closed. Another agency down the hall said that I had to go to the NEW bus station down the street. Whatthhell. Why are there two bus stations. That is so confusing.

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Never Said So

I have a bit of a confession to make: I f*cking hate running with a passion. It’s the most boring, painful, monotonous activity ever. When I was taking gymnastics as a kid I was the most unfit person on the entire team. I remember lagging behind all the other girls when we did ‘suicides’ (AKA “red lines”) or any other kind of cardio activity for conditioning. No wonder I never scored higher than an 8.6 on my floor routine. Same thing happened when I was on the soccer team in high school. Fortunately I was a fullback, which meant that the only person that did less running than me was our goalie.

However, I know that I need to learn how to run, and run well. Why?

On Mt. Tallac in Desolation Wilderness. My old gymnastics coach would be horrified with my bad form.

1. I love hiking/backpacking. The one thing that stops me from tackling longer trips and steeper hikes (and bigger mountains) is the fact that I’m just not that in shape.

2. Despite having weak ankles after seven years of gymnastics, and bad knees after colliding with some dood during a soccer game in 2010, I want to get back into shape and play soccer once again. Sometime before I become senile.

3. Rule #1 (see ‘Zombieland’)

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All Analog Everything

Camping, hiking, traveling, exploring, art, photography, climbing, books…it will all be reviewed, discussed, and described in superfluous detail HERE. Stay posted…

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An analog girl getting a blog? It’s like my grandma learning how to use the interwebs for the first time. So strange.