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Road Trip Diaries: Rocky Mountain National Park

NOTE: It’s been six years since Joy and I embarked upon our National Parks road trip in 2013. I’m sad to say that it’s been challenging to recall most of the details of this trip (after two intense years in grad school and having a baby, as sleep deprivation is terrible for memory retention). However, this still remains one of my favorite trips of all time, and I’m dedicated to remembering it as much as possible.

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I never knew that the middle of July could be so cold until we visited Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Summer monsoons were a phenomena that we were still getting used to out there.

The day we arrived, we camped outside of the park at a BLM campground. While National Park campgrounds tend to be over-subscribed and pretty busy, it’s always easier and simpler to snag a campsite at a nearby BLM campground – for little to no money.


Since this was right after our backpacking trip to Mount Sneffels and the Blue Lakes area, we decided to do a more leisurely hike through Rocky Mountain NP. We started from the Bear Lake trailhead and headed out toward the Tailor Glacier to explore the lakes in that area. While the hike was short, the scenery did not disappoint. The trail followed the river for most of the way, giving us an opportunity to see Alberta Falls and many other cascades. I remember how brisk and cold the air was the day that we hiked, and how our sunny blue skies soon turned to gray skies with dark clouds as we approached midday.


The beginning of the trail passed by these trees soaking up the rushing waters of the river.

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