Road Trip Diaries: Hello Denver

After our overnight trip to the Blue Lakes of Mount Sneffels, Joy and I made our way towards Denver. I had an old friend to visit, and a shower to take. We had been on our road trip for about a week and a half by this point, and I was getting pretty filthy. Bathing in the green Colorado River and various alpine lakes can only get you so clean.


On the road to Denver


Striking land formations along the highway

I can see why they named this state Colorado. There were rainbows everywhere.


Rainbow Pony was all about it.

Back in 2012-2013 when I traveled through Peru and Bolivia for two months, I began my trip with a four day backpacking trek on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with a group of 21 other people. Raina, one of the women on the trip and my tent partner, basically took care of me when I became crazy weak from altitude sickness and could barely finish the trip. She ended up being my guardian angel and saved my ass from being dragged out of there by a helicopter (or one of the porters). I pretty much owe her my life.

Raina lives in Denver with her (now) husband, baby, and dog. I hit her up to say hi and find a bit of refuge for one night. I guess that means I owe her twice now.


Puppy meets Rainbow Pony

I love Raina because she seems to be living the dream life in Colorado: got a man, got a gorgeous house, got a good group of girlfriends, got a baby and a dog. After catching up with her for a bit and taking showers, Joy and I crashed in the downstairs guest room. The next morning we took our hosts to brunch to appreciate them for all their help. I remember that the ribs were pretty amazing.


After brunch we were back on the road again. The rain came down hard as we drove off toward our next destination: Rocky Mountain National Park.


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