The 2014 Bucket List

I just HAD to interrupt the continuing story of my 2013 National Parks Road Trip for this —

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Torres Del Paine perfection

Torres Del Paine perfection

GAWDAYM. I really, really wish I wasn’t in school sometimes. And…I wish I was married to some rich guy who also likes to travel. RICH MEN, COME TO ME.

So as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been debating all the things I want to do now while I’m free as a bird (albeit in debt) and single (and childless – which may be forever, or not…)

The Lost Coast

The Lost Coast

My Backpacking and Camping Bucket List:

  1. The Pacific Crest Trail
  2. The newly “official” Pacific Northwest Trail (Glacier NP to Olympic NP!)
  3. The John Muir Trail
  4. Trinity Alps
  5. Sequoia and Kings Canyon (for backpacking, this time)
  6. Mt. Whitney
  7. Lassen Volcanic National Park
  8. The Lost Coast
  9. Channel Islands
  10. Joshua Tree
  11. (All the National Parks in Cali)
  12. Pretty much everywhere in Alaska, but especially Denali
  13. Anywhere and everywhere in Canada
  14. Torres del Paine in Chile (see above photo)
  15. The glaciers and many trails of Patagonia (Argentinian and Chilean sides)
  16. The Southwest Road Trip: Southern Utah (Glen Canyon NRA, Natural Bridges, and everywhere else we went this summer); Arizona (Grand Canyon and everywhere else); New Mexico (heard that it’s amazing – even if just for its art scene); and back to Cali (Joshua Tree, Anza-Borrego Desert National Park, Death Valley, and the Inyo area)
  17. The Northwest Road Trip: Washington (all the mountains, the North Cascades, and Olympic NP again), Idaho (all those gorgeous lakes and natural hot springs), Montana (everywhere, especially Glacier National Park again), and Wyoming (the Tetons are my top 5 of all time).
  18. Badlands and South Dakota (I used to work in a kiosk at the Mall of America in Minnesota, giving out tourism information about the state of South Dakota. True story).
  19. Climb a Fourteener in Colorado and visit the Sand Dunes
  20. So, I’ve seen lots of nice photos of places to backpack in the south, the midwest, or the east – but it just doesn’t seem that awesome to me compared to the West. Prove me wrong, though. Except perhaps the Appalachian Trail.
  21. Okay, so I once said I would never go back to Oregon (long story – you’ll see eventually), but after seeing so many amazing places through Backpacker magazine, I’ll give it another try.
  22. The rest of Desolation Wilderness that I haven’t covered before…including the top of the Crystal Range.

And everything on this list that haven’t been covered yet:

Backpacker Magazine’s Best Hikes Ever

Best of from Backpacker Readers

This guy who’s been everywhere and apparently loves the Sierras more than I do


Ahhhh Greenland

My World Traveling Bucket List: (in no particular order)


  1. Chile/Argentina –  Not only for backpacking, but also to visit fellow friends from my last Peru/Bolivia trip
  2. Brazil/Uruguay/Paraguay
  3. Ecuador (and the Galapagos Islands)/Colombia
  4. El Salvador/Nicaragua/Costa Rica/Panama. Shit, all of Central America! Belize and Guatemala too.
  5. Going back to Bolivia and Peru to visit friends (miss them like crazy)

Darwin finches and more


  1. South Africa (where my mommy is from. Yes, Chinese people are everywhere.)
  2. A southern Africa tour (Mozambique, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe…and Madagascar for their biodiversity while we’re at it
  3. Kenya
  4. Morocco  (if not just for their awesome food)
  5. Egypt, the birthplace of civilization
From my friend Darrel's travels

From my friend Darrel’s travels


  1. Lebanon
  2. Palestine and Israel (of course)



I never did that whole “I just graduated from college and now I’m going to Europe” thing.

  1. Iceland
  2. Greenland (kayaking through icy oceans next to seals and other animals!)
  3. Spain (to visit my friends in Ibiza and Barcelona from my travels!)
  4. Italy and THIS
  5. Visiting traveling friends in Copenhagen (Denmark), somewhere in Sweden, and Oslo (Norway)…
  6. Switzerland and the Alps (actually, everywhere in northern Europe
  7. Turkey, just because everyone goes and says it’s awesome

Oh Norway


  1. Going back to Vietnam/Thailand/Laos/Cambodia, for more time in each country
  2. Thailand — I’m going to put it on my list twice because I love that country so much. I could live there.
  3. China (the motherland) and HK
  4. Taiwan
  5. (South)Korea/Japan (if I wanted to go go North Korea that would be a different trip/”exposure trip”)
  6. Mongolia
  7. Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia
  8. The Philippines (also for an “exposure trip”)
  9. Nepal/Bhutan/Burma — hiking the Himalayas…and Everett base camp.
  10. India
Biking around Chiang Mai

Biking around Chiang Mai


  1. Fiji
  2. Marshall Islands (my pops stayed out there when he was younger to stack chips)
  3. Hawaii – any island, any day, all day
Mt. Haleakala, Maui

Mt. Haleakala, Maui

…and MORE:

  1. Australia and New Zealand (On a whim I bought the Lonely Planet books, just to realize that I can’t use them if I don’t travel there soon)
  2. Antarctica, of course. The ultimate natural experience.
New Zealand

New Zealand

Every time I travel or go anywhere, I just add more places to this list. We’ll see how it goes.

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One thought on “The 2014 Bucket List

  1. Janet says:

    What a great list! I hope you get to many of those places this year. I have about ten of them on my list too–hopefully the JMT next year, or sections of it since I don’t think my husband is too keen on hiking all 211 miles at once. 🙂

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