Utah Travel Diaries: Rocks and More Rocks at Capitol Reef National Park

The next morning we decided to do a few short hikes around Capitol Reef. Joy’s foot blisters still hadn’t healed, and we remained a bit drained from our hike through Escalante’s slot canyons just the day before. I wanted to check out the park’s famous Waterpocket Fold (it looks bananas from the brochure!) but I think that you can only access it by backpacking – or using a heavy-duty 4WD vehicle. We kept shouting excitedly as we drove around the park in the Highlander:






From: http://jakeklim.blogspot.com/2010/06/under-suns-anvil.html

Capitol Reef’s Waterpocket Fold. From: http://jakeklim.blogspot.com/2010/06/under-suns-anvil.html

One of the main short hikes that many visitors tend to love is the hike through the “Grand Wash” – just be careful of flash floods. They say that you should always check the weather reports the day before to see if there are any storms on the horizon. Even an inch of rain a mile away can turn into a devastating flood through a narrow canyon.



The hike is basically a flat and sandy/pebbly trail about a few miles long (maybe less?) Joy and I pretty much just ran around the area taking pictures of the GINORMOUS rocks towering above us. They’re INSANE!!! (The photos can’t do justice to how massive and crazy big these rocks are). I kept an eye to the sky to watch for darkening clouds.


The rest of this is just a bunch of photos. Enjoy!


Joy strikes a power pose


A geode



P1100923-162 P1100931-166

P1100951-173 P1100959-176 P1100995-187

After the short hike, we drove around to check out all the rock formations that Captiol Reef contains. The colors are insane.

With the Pony mascot

A surprised Joy with our Rainbow Pony mascot


Another short hike (like 0.2 miles long) – AKA, a walk – led us to this gorgeous sight:




As we continued on, however, the sky began to darken above us. While the air was warm and muggy, large cold raindrops hit us as we walked around to take more photos.


Joy, doing more yoga poses against amazing backdrops

IMG_1510-125IMG_1539-133IMG_1562-142 IMG_1564-143 IMG_1572-148 IMG_1576-150

After a while we were exhausted. We took a short drive down the “most scenic road” through the middle of the park but it only lets you go so far (after that you need 4WD and some serious tires for the mud). It was raining at this point. Each time we took a turn around a bend, a road sign warned us, “DO NOT CROSS IF A RIVER IS FLOWING – FLASH FLOODS MAY OCCUR”. As we drove back the way we came, we headed out towards our next destination – Moab and Arches National Park! 

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4 thoughts on “Utah Travel Diaries: Rocks and More Rocks at Capitol Reef National Park

  1. mastahj says:

    Great pics! If i ever make it to Utah i have to check it out! Are you a Nikon or a Canon woman? Check out my blog for some cool pics of California! Well at least i hope they’re cool… Anyway i would love some feedback from you!

  2. Great photos of a beautiful place! And we are envious of Joy’s yoga prowess. Impressive!

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