Road Trip, Days 1-3: Blue Lakes Campground

Joy striking a power pose at Twin Lake near Blue Lakes campground, CA

Joy striking a power pose at Twin Lake near Blue Lakes campground, CA

OH MAN. The interwebs out here is so terrible. I just wrote a whole long blog post about this campground (bumming free wifi from a grocery store near Zion National Park) and then it ALL crashed and erased. It’s 10 am and I’m attempting to blog again from the inside of our car (in an underground grocery store parking lot, because even though it’s early it’s still crazy fcking hot outside) while Joy takes a nap in the driver’s seat. Also: no one out here likes Credo mobile. I never have service! Sorry mom and dad, you’ll have to get updates about us from Joy’s phone.

Joy, Rob and Mey loungin at the edge of Lower Blue Lake

Joy, Rob and Mey loungin at the edge of Lower Blue Lake

This campground here is the shit. Just look at the photos. Nothing but clear sunny skies, the bluest waters…and swimming and floating and more swimming and more eating bomb ass food all day long (aged cheeses and bread, watermelon beer, fish tacos, raisin bread French toast, Reem’s “fool” dish made of fava beans).




Breakfast: french toast with strawberries, smoked sausage, and egg scramble with spinach.

Just remember to bring lots of mosquito spray and a vehicle with high clearance (to handle the rocky dirt roads) and you’ll be having the time of your life. OH. And don’t forget to bring floaties. We had to haul 5 people to a granite island on 3 small floaties.

The swim over to the islands



You can’t see it in the photos, but Reem and I had to float/swim “Princess J” over to an island for one trip while he sat on the cush spot on top of the donut floatie. It’s pretty hard to swim when you’re hysterical and laughing that hard.

So CutJ  (AKA "Fernando") and Reem

So cute: J and Reem

I know that I said “screw Nevada” in my last blog post. But we had a change of heart. Joy and I decided to go to Great Basin National Park in Nevada (the least visited National Park in the states) because it was closer to Zion National Park (one of our main goals) and because Arizona was reaching record highs during this heat wave (just yesterday I found out that a huge  fire in the middle of Arizona has taken the lives of more than 19 firefighters. The ranger at Great Basin said that it was “zero percent contained at this point”). Sadness on so many levels (AHEM climate change = catastrophies and death).


Nevada was a lot of extremes. That story for another day/blog post/the next time I find wifi! Which might be never.

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2 thoughts on “Road Trip, Days 1-3: Blue Lakes Campground

  1. Rob Kalmbach says:

    Hey thanks for this cool post. I love the photos. I’m about to head to blue lake. Your blog is (was) nice. Looks like it stopped, hope you are still outside hiking.

    • Thanks, Blue Lakes is a great area! There’s so much to explore in that part of the Sierras.

      I’m still hiking, backpacking and camping but I went to grad school for a couple of years and had to put the blog on hold. Finishing it is still on my to do list. However, I’m also over my limit for photos so I’d have to buy more space if I want to write more recent posts :/

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