What’s Good In Lima?

I asked my cyber Facebook friends about what I should do in Lima. The responses:

“Not much”

“Manorca Beach in the north!”

“Hang out in the Barranco District at night”

“Museo Larco!”

I have to say that my first impression of Lima was not the most positive – only because perhaps I expected Lima to look more like the rest of Peru and less like Los Angeles (I have very mixed feelings about the city of LA). But with 8 million people, what can one expect. At least the weather was sunny and humid – I missed that feeling! Beats being around cold rainy mountains with low levels of oxygen.

Kennedy Park in Miraflores

Kennedy Park in Miraflores

Despite many technical difficulties (including not knowing how to make international calls from my Peruvian cell phone), I finally met up with Angela and one of her travel crew friends, Mel. I couldn’t believe we finally connected (first through this blog, and later in person)! Despite the fact that the restaurant that we were going to eat at was closed (Punto Azul is supposed to have EXCELLENT ceviche, but doesn’t open on Mondays), we quickly found a bus and made our way back to central Miraflores to find a place to have lunch. It was pretty hard. It’s hella touristy out here. There aren’t many good food options – and they’re all kinda expensive.

After making a huge circle around town, we finally settled on a chain restaurant called Rustica near my hostel. It was pretty good…


Mel, Angela and me

My dish, propped up on a tray. I think I was munching on a lot of innards on the left. That reminds me: I ate potatoes at every meal during my time in Peru and Bolivia. I’ve never eaten this many potatoes in my life.


It was great making friends with other young women (who also spoke English) who were contemplating and going through some of the same thing that I’ve been going through in my travels. We pretty much talked ALL day long, non-stop – about traveling from Southeast Asia to South America, camping and hiking all over the world (Mel is from Canada), how to deal with bears, travel tips, life, EVERYTHING. Good times.

group pic 2 ed

After lunch we decided to check out Miraflores’ beaches. They’re not very swimmable in some areas, but a lot of surfers dig them. The whole area looks like Highway 1 in Los Angeles: tall natural cliffs, highway along the beach, and all…

Near the highway, above the beach

Near the highway, above the beach


Dodging incoming waves while hanging out on the rocks


Big rock beaches


After hanging out by the beach and walking along a pier, we decided to walk back – back to Barranco that is, where Angela and Mel were staying. It was a pretty long walk, but we needed it after eating a fat lunch and not having done much exercise for the past few days.  The ocean views were amazing, it was a gorgeous sunny day, and I had awesome company!


Taxis kept honking at us to offer us rides

In Barranco

In pretty Barranco

Barranco is a gorgeous district – I wish I spent more time there. Apparently it has a great nightlife. The buildings were striking and brightly colored – colonial architecture with a tropical feel.

After saying our good-byes and parted ways, I made my way back to Miraflores. I thought about my four days left in Peru. Did I want to spend that time exploring Lima, or did I want to take a short trip to Nazca to see the lines and go sand boarding down some sand dunes? I chose the later option of course. Nazca here I come!

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